Integration Host

Integration Host is tooling for Healthcare providers and product vendors, which connects applications, devices and other medical systems reliably and securely.

Our intuitive integration designer allows for the creation of repeatable workflows that direct the flow of data between systems, transforming and converting as required. The Integration Host is a service that conducts the execution and management of these system integrations. It’s designed to be always running with the minimum of human intervention.

We recognise that HL7 and FHIR integrations are a big learning curve. We are sure you'll find our tooling simple to use, but integrations are complex, there is much to learn. That's why our Gold and Silver plans include one on one remote support with one of our experienced Integration Engineers. You can share your desktop with us, and we'll work with you to get your project up and running. We've been doing medical integrations for years, so why not benefit from our experience.

Integration Workflow Designer

The Integration Host Client is a dashboard which gives instant insight into the status of your integrations. Ensure everything is working as it should with a glance by viewing real-time counts of successful or failed messages. Then dig deeper into the messages logs to monitor or troubleshoot the running workflows.

Scheduling and alerting systems are also included to make integrations run at designated times, or email administrators if things go wrong.

Integration Workflow Designer

Like all integration engines, HL7 Soup’s Integration Host can facilitate a middle man approach to integrations, having one or even two integration services transforming the data real-time. However, the problem with this approach is that monitoring of the integration now done in a separate application. Vendors need to convince their customers they need to load and monitor yet another application to ensure their systems are working well. What if you could bring all the functionality and tooling into your products.

A standout feature of the Integration Host Client is how it can be tightly integrated with other products. The dashboard is composed of individual controls that can be reused directly in other applications. Change themes and available features easily, or even alter the controls code as they are all open source. You can also create an entirely custom user interface as the Integration Host controller API is simple to utilise, and allows full control securely from other products.

The licensing is per workflow, allowing Integration Host to be deployed, fully configured via another products installers without royalty fees, needing only the flick of a switch to enable integrations. Because licenses are necessary only for running integrations, the vendor's cost can be covered by their customers. Also, reselling HL7 Soups products likely qualifies them for our Partner Program with substantial reseller discounts and pricing caps. View our Partner Program page for details.

Development licenses are available for anyone without charge for the purposes of building and testing workflows. They run at full speed without throttling or volume restrictions, getting you up and running quicker. See our Development licence page to read the full terms and conditions and apply for your free license.

HL7 Soup’s Integration Host provides an affordable solution with intuitive tooling, making you more productive at creating secure, reliable integrations.

Install the free trial now and get started by following the Getting started video tutorial that will get you on your feet and pointing in the right direction.

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