Welcome to HL7 Soup V3.6

What's new?

Version 3.6 introduces statistics to help analyze large sets of HL7 messages, and it's crazy fast!

  • Statistics lists variations of values from the current field. Find the count and length of all loaded messages.

  • Copy statistics tables to Excel

  • Add filters by double-clicking on statistics results.

  • Massive HL7 files supported. We've tested up to 20 GB files

  • 500 MB files loaded in ~2 seconds. That's 1 million messages!

  • Statistics provided for 1 million messages in 3-5 seconds.

  • Loads HL7 messages using significantly less memory.

  • Integration Host processes HL7 files faster and uses less memory too.

  • Fixed high CPU in automatic sender when there is a pause in processing

  • Database logging uses less space and runs faster

Take a look at the release notes for a comprehensive list of changes.

Download HL7 Soup Editor V3.6 Here

Download Integration Host V3.6 Here

Please post any questions you might have to our support page.