Configuring SQL message logging

Integration Host uses in-memory logging by default. It's fast, easy, and it persists to disk when stopped - It just works.

However, it's limited to 1000 items per workflow, and anything older is removed. Why are they removed? All those HL7 messages can start to add up, and they can eat your memory. Particularly if you have a dozen large workflows, you'll begin to notice it.

The solution is to have the logs written to SQL Server. Configure this, and you can securely record a truly enormous message history. Searching through it is seamless while still experiencing the near-instantaneous performance.

In this tutorial, I'll show you the steps to set it up and take you through both the options and recommendations you'll need to know.

The logs can be stored in either SQL Enterprise, SQL Express, and SQL Azure? It just depends on your existing environment, budget and location.

You'll learn how to configure indexes to search through your history fast and effectively.

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