Create Simple HL7 Receivers

Integration Workflow Designer

Receivers accept inbound messages into HL7 Soup and Integration Host. If you accept the defaults, you will have created a receiver that accepts HL7 messages via TCP on port 22222

You only need to name your receiver and select the port (purple arrows), then click save and close (red arrow). The address you'll send to is shown in the yellow box (green arror). Now create a sender and point it this address and port.

Inbound messages can also trigger the execution of workflows that you have written. These can transform data, then write it to a database, send it to another system, or import it into another application. See below for details.

Process messages

Would you like to process HL7 messages from other systems? HL7 Soup's Integration Host provides a powerful integration engine where you decide what happens to your messages. Conversion, transformation, and Integration.